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YESSS (Young Entrepreneurs Startups in Soaring Spirits)

This is a platform created for start-ups and motivated individuals to present their innovative products, technologies, ideas at incubation stage, to potential investors, research heads, VCs and industry captains to explore funding, investments and collaborative opportunities. Applications are openly invited from Young Entrepreneurs / Start Ups. After a thorough scrutiny by a committee, the few best are selected and given a mentoring session following which they get an opportunity to present their idea. The audience would usually be represented by Industry Leaders, Domain Experts, Venture Capitalists, Investors and Policy Makers. The presentations are followed by one-to-one meetings between the presenter and target audience. Since its inception in 2008, YESSS has received overwhelming response across the country and hopes to offer more and better to aspiring entrepreneurs in the years to come.

CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre