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MM Activ assists its national and international clients in conducting in-depth research of various sectors in Science and Technology and identifying the Business opportunities. Through the Advisory Division MM Activ also facilitates collaboration among industry & academia..

List of Projects Undertaken:

1. Annual ranking of India's Bioscience Industry by revenues, from 2003 to 2013
2. Annual ranking of Asia-Pacific BioScience companies by revenues, from 2007 to 2013
3. India Life Science Research Guide
4. India Education and Careers Research Guide on Bioscience courses
5. Life Science Clusters and Industry in the United Kingdom
6. Life Science Industry in Germany
7. Life Science Industry in France
8. Life Science Industry in Malaysia
9. Life Science Industry in Australia
10. India's US FDA approved Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
11. Overview of India's Biotech Industry Potential (in association with ABLE and PWC)
12. India Biotech Schools Annual Survey

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