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Agro Spectrum

The AgroSpectrum India edition was launched in 2019 and is India's Premium comprehensive AgriTech business monthly magazine. It provides comprehensive coverage of the exciting happenings in AgriSciences, technology, investment, govt. initiatives which also include AgricultureInBio, AgricultureInPharma, AgriInformatics, AgriIndustries and AgriServices and show cases the emerging Indian entrepreneurships in Agricultures industry. In a short time AgroSpectrum has emerged as the most preferred platform to engage the agricultural industry in India and Asia Pacific.

It is also widely accepted by research and academia community, Top key policy makers in the Central and state government use the magazine as a platform to reach out the Indian agriculture Industry. AgroSpectrum has columns by Indian's top policy makers, AgriTechnology professionals, scientists and NGOs. Readers of AgroSpectrum are from among the key Policy Makers, Key Executives, the Influencer's in Agrotechnology, Agro Companies, Research Heads, and Mfg Organizations, Educational Institutes, Consultants, Fund Managers and Farmers from all sections etc.

For more info visit www.agrospectrumindia.com

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