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R&D and Education

ISC-Pride of India Expo

The PoI Expo organized concurrently with the Indian Science Congress, is a confluence of new ideas, innovations and products covering the entire canvas of scientific world. The expo showcases cutting-edge technologies, scientific products and services, achievements, innovations, initiatives, and vision for future of India's leading public and private organisations, research labs, educational institutions, defence etc.

Over the years, the PoI Expo has emerged as an excellent platform for meaningful interaction between scientific fraternity, academia & entrepreneurs, technology transfers, collaborations in R & D, launch of tech-driven innovative products, concepts etc striking right cord with all its stakeholders.

Such is the power of this event that the five days witness a large number of visitors from the corporate sector, scientific fraternity and academia, R&D institutes, defence, government, PSUs etc. The corporate world explores new opportunities of transforming concepts into marketable products/services forging new alliances with best of the R&D labs and establishing contacts. The budding scientists of India throng the venue to assimilate never ending stream of knowledge.

Participant Profile

• Central and State Govts. • Instrumentation Cos.
• PSUs • Automobiles
• Corporate • Agriculture
• R&D Organizations • IT, ICT, BT & Nano
• Academic Institutions • Aerospace & Defence
• Publishers • Energy
• Infrastructure Cos. • Environment
• BFSI • Tourism
• SMEs • Health
• NGOs  

Visit www.iscexpo.in for more details

Global R&D Summit

Global R&D Summit is a two-day integrated conference and exhibition organised in association with the FICCI and was a magnanimous milieu of local and global institutions, academia and industry that constitutes the R&D ecosystem. The conference saw participation from accomplished individuals from India and across the globe comprising senior R&D Expers, policy makers, business leaders, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs from various sectors and areas of specialization. The summit enabled exchange of firewire ideas, experiences and best practices in R&D Management and Strategy and was delivered through a mix of planery addresses, panel discussions, presentations and workshops. It also facilitated high level networking ground for people to explore new collaborations, refresh existing ones and showcase projects, programs and demonstrated success stories to connect with players and stakeholders of R&D community.

Visit www.ficcirndsummit.com for more details.

EDGE Conference

EDGE conference is an annual Event organized by the EDGE forum- Emerging Directions in Global Education, an association of leading Public and Private Universities and Educational Institutions in India. The conference addresses common concerns and challenges towards improving the quality of higher education in aspects like education governance, human resource management, cutting edge technologies, holistic approach to education infrastructure and much more. It serves as an analytical and authoritative source for policy recommendations on higher education.

The event features workshops, highlight lectures, sessions, EduPartnering- a networking activity, EduExpo, EDGE Awards. The conference also features EDGE X- a Special conference which is a part of the main event; focused on creating a dialogue on futuristic practices and technologies in education like connectivism, learning analytics, social network analysis, serious games and simulations, comparative educational systems and educational future.

Vice Chancellors, Presidents & Directors of Educational Institutions, Professors, Heads of Education Councils, Policy makers and Entrepreneurs in the Education space proactively participate in this flagship conference for an intensive exchange of ideas, information, technology and best practices in higher education. The Conference also sees participation from International institutions from across the globe.

Visit www.edgeforum.in for more details.

SkillCon India

SkillCon India is a highly focused conference aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities in Skill Development in India. The first SkillCon India was held in Pune and was designed around the theme- Creating Industry-ready workforce through effective eco-system. The conference focused on the skill development needs across sectors like Automotive & Manufacturing, ICT, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Biotechnology, Construction & Manufacturing.

The Conference successfully brought together the industry, academia and the government to discuss the most pressing issues in Skill Development.

Heads of Conventional and Vocational Universities and Institutions including Vice Chancellors, Directors, Deans, Heads of Departments, Heads of International Office, Placement Cell, Policy makers & Bureaucrats, Industry Captains & HR Heads, International Delegations and Trade Organizations, Training Providers & Consultants, Publishers and Content Writers found the event contributive to their area of function.

CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre