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India Partnering Opportunities (An MM Activ Initiative)

India Partnering Opportunities (An MM Activ Initiative) is in the Business of Creating Knowledge Based Platforms and Networks for Promoting Domestic and Global Business Opportunities

India Partnering Opportunities (IPO) facilitates dialogue between Indian and International fraternity; Industry, Research, Academia & Governments. IPO takes Indian delegations to various countries to participate in events, plans industry visits and facilitates Business meetings. The online partnering tool InterlinX helps perfect matchmaking and schedule meetings amongst stakeholders through Business to Business, Business to Government.

IPO and its international partners works closely with understanding the goal missions and objectives and draw a plan for promoting its clientele to enhance trade, investment potential; Industry, Research, Academia & Governments through its international network of tie ups with various Trade offices, Investment Boards, International Trade Associations, Partners and also offices in APAC region & across the globe to identify country potentials and also map up and propose various delegations, organise workshops, seminars, Industry Visits, facilitate the B2B & B2G meetings etc.

Background of IPO Projects:

IPO in its short journey has led over 40 delegations (Incoming and outgoing delegations from India) with strong focus to enhance Trade & Investment between respective countries focussed across various sectors like Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, IT, High technology, Electronics, Aerospace, Defence, R&D, Education, Food Processing, Agriculture, Food Science & Technology, Nanotechnology and many more.

Inbound & Outbound Delegations:

Team IPO has led 17 Outbound International Business Delegation to countries like Australia Canada, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Rwanda, South Africa, Taiwan, USA.

IPO has the pride of handling number of Trade Missions and delegations which visited India spectrum of sectors from Quebec State of Canada, Victoria Australia, San Francisco, USA, Rwanda, Israel, Germany and IPO also facilitated other delegations for the flagship events of Government of Karnataka to various events represented from countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, UK, Scotland, Russia, Denmark, China, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Pennsylvania and many more.

1. INBOUND AND OUTBOUND BUSINESS DELEGATIONS: Identifying countries & taking To & Fro Delegations for Trade & investment Opportunities
2. INTERNATIONAL BUYER SELLER MEETS: Organizing international buyer seller meets for customers and creating own brand
3. MARKETING INTERNATIONAL B2B EVENTS: Marketing Sponsorship / Exhibition for International Events in India
4. BRINGING INTERNATIONAL EVENTS TO INDIA: Bringing International Events in Science & Technology Sector to India
5. PROMOTING DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL TRADE DESTINATIONS: Tie up with Countries / State Govts / Agencies promoting destinations for Investment
6. INTERLINX: InterlinX partnering tool will provide Online Business Communities | Facilitate Business Meetings
7. ADVISORY & TRANSACTION SERVICES: Preparing Country specific sector reports for strategic advising (facilitating Entry into country; sourcing; Technology Transfers; joint ventures; skill facilitation; Creating database of various country companies; list of associations; Etc.,)

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